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Perkins’ line of engines sets the standard of excellence. As an approved Perkins distributor, our Clarke Powered Solutions team can help you with replacement engines, engineered solutions and loose engine applications.
We have a wide range of Perkins diesel engines in-stock and ready for fast delivery. Search the list below to view our current engine inventory. Then click Contact Our Team to get your next best-in-class engines.

Our Perkins In-Stock Engine Inventory

ModelBuild ListDescriptionHP or KWIndustryTierActual On Hand
402DGG71200402D-05 IOPU 10.2KW@3600RPM10.2KWIndustrial Open Power Unit32
402FEG83993R402F-05 F2F 6.4KW@2800RPM6.4KWIndustrial Fan to Flywheel 482
403DGH71387403D-07 E-PAK 15.3KW@360015.3KWGenerator E-PAK31
403DGJ71037N403D-11 E-PAK 11.8KW@1800 RPM 11.8KWGenerator E-PAK3102
403DGK71038N403D-15 E-PAK 16.2KW@1800RPM16.2KWGenerator E-PAK341
403FEJ71126U403F-11 18.4Kw/2800RPM18.4KWIndustrial Fan to Flywheel 41
403FEK71138N403F-15 E-PAK 14KW/18HP@1800RPM18HPGenerator E-PAK420
403FEW83616N403F-E17T IOPU 30KW 40HP@2800RPM40HPIndustrial Open Power Unit418
403JIJ84410U403J-11 IOPU 18.4KW 24.8HP,2800RPM24.8HPIndustrial Open Power UnitV4
404DGN30914U404D-22 LONG Block ENGINEIndustrial Long Block31
404DGN65676N404D-22 IOUP 38KW 51HP@3000RPM51HPIndustrial Open Power Unit36
404DGN66039N404D-22 F2F 36.3KW@2800RPM36.3KWIndustrial Fan to Flywheel 312
404DGN71039N404D-22 E-PAK 24.3KW@1800RPM24.3KWGenerator E-PAK349
404DGN84335U404D-22 SRE ENGINEIndustrial Fan to Flywheel 316
404DGP30906U404D-22T Long Block ENGINEIndustrial Long Block39
404DGP65795N404D-22T E-PAK 33.3KW 44.7HP@1800RPM44.7HPGenerator E-PAK34
404DGP71042N404D-22TG E-PAK 33.3KW 44.7HP@1800RPM44.7HPGenerator E-PAK331
404DGR71036N404D-22TA E-PAK 36.3KW@1800RPM36.3KWGenerator E-PAK36
404FEQ71391N404F-E22T F2F 36.4KW@2800RPM36.4KWIndustrial Fan to Flywheel Access Platform42
404FEQ83170N404F-E22T F2F 36.4KW 48.8HP @2800RPM48.8 KWIndustrial Fan to Flywheel 45
404FEQ83967N404F-E22T IOPU 36.4KW 48.8HP @2800 RPM48.8HPIndustrial Open Power Unit465
404FEQ84423N404F-E22T, 36KW 49HP@2800RPM49HPGenerator E-PAK422
404FER71390N404F-E22TA F2F 51KW@280051 KWIndustrial Fan to Flywheel Access Platform49
404FER71398N404F-E22TA IOPU 50KW 67HP@2800RPM67HPIndustrial Open Power Unit410
404FER83171N404FE22TA F2F 50KW@2800RPM50 KWIndustrial Fan to Flywheel 49
404FER83173N404F-E22TA, IOPU 67HP@2800RPM67 HPIndustrial Open Power Unit421
404FER83281404F-E22TA F2F 51KW@280051KWIndustrial Fan to Flywheel 45
854FJT51820854F-34T4FET F2F ENGINEIndustrial Fan to Flywheel 442
854FJT51821U854F-E34T IOPU, 74HP@2200RPM ENGINE74HPIndustrial Open Power Unit44
854FJT83492854F-E34T SRE COMP ENGINE IN4, 55KW@2200RPM55KWService Replacement Engine COMP43
854FJT83541U854F-E34TG E-PAK 45KW@1800RPM 45KWGenerator E-PAK417
854FJT84260U854F-E34T F2F ENGINE, 74HP74HPIndustrial Fan to Flywheel 431
854FJU82834854F-E34TA, IOPU 115HP@2500RPM 115HPIndustrial Open Power Unit41
854FJU83096U853F-E34TA IOUP 74KW/ 100HP@2200RPM 100HPIndustrial Open Power Unit434
854FJU83302L854F-E34TA IOUP 90KW/ 121HP@2200RPM121HPIndustrial Open Power Unit411
904FFJ84118904F-E28T F2F ENGINE,2.8L DOC ONLY2.8 KWIndustrial Fan to Flywheel 43
904JFX84117904J-E36TA F2F ENGINE, 3.6L 90kW90KWIndustrial Fan to Flywheel V1
904JFX84310904J-E36TA F2F ENGINE, 3.6L 100kW100KWIndustrial Fan to Flywheel V2
1104DNL38739U1104D-44T IOUP 70KW/93.9HP@2200RPM Export label 93.9HPIndustrial Open Power Unit31
1104DNL70981U1104D-44T STANDBY E-PAK 64KW@180064KWGenerator E-PAK321
1104DNL70982U1104D-44TG1 STANDBY E-PAK 64KW@180064KWGenerator E-PAK32
1104DNM400201104D-44TA ENGINE, Short BlockIndustrial Short Block 31
1104DNP83240R1104D-E44T E-PAK 71.4kw@180071.4 KWGenerator E-PAK31
1104DNR83241B1104D-E44TAG E-PAK 98.1KW@1800RPM 98.1 KWGenerator E-PAK38
1104DNR83242B1104D-E44TAG E-PAK 100KW@1800RPM100KWGenerator E-PAK31
1104DNR846141104D-E44TA SRE COMP ENGINE IN5Service Replacement Engine - Generator Set35
1106DPW83059B1106D-E70TAG5 E-PAK 200KW@1800RPM200KWGenerator E-PAK33
1106DPW83839R1106D-E70TAG3 ENGINE33
1106DPW83846B1106D-E70TAG4 E-PAK 209KW/ 280HP@1800RPM Standby280HPGenerator E-PAK31
1204EML51651U1204E-E44TTA IOPU 174HP@2200RPM174HPIndustrial Open Power Unit41
1204EMT51853U1204F-E44TA IOPU 137-148HP@2200RPM148HPIndustrial Open Power Unit415
1204FMT51891U1204F-E44TA IOPU 115-124HP@2200RPM124HPIndustrial Open Power Unit41
1204FMU51854U1204F-E44TTA IOPU 154-173HP@2200RPM 173HPIndustrial Open Power Unit419
1206FBN51845U1206F-E70TTA IOPU -220/225HP@2200RPM225HPIndustrial Open Power Unit42
1206FBN51847U1206F-E70TTA IOPU 275HP@2200RPM275HPIndustrial Open Power Unit41
1206FBN51892U1206F-E70TTA IOPU 300HP@2200RPM300HPIndustrial Open Power Unit41
1206FBN71415U1206F-E70TTA IOUP 302HP 302HPIndustrial Open Power Unit419

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